Virginia Woolf: Standard Abbreviations
*I have indicated the editions used on this website 

AROO             A Room of One’s Own  (Annotated Harcourt)
BP                   Books and Portraits
BTA                Between the Acts  (Annotated Harcourt)
CDB                The Captain’s Death Bed and Other Essays
CE                   Collected Essays (4 vols., ed. Leonard Woolf: CE1, CE2, CE3, CE4)
CR1                 The Common Reader (American Harcourt)
CR2                 The Common Reader, Second Series (American Harcourt)
CSF                 The Complete Shorter Fiction (ed. Susan Dick)
CW                  Contemporary Writers
D                     The Diary of Virginia Woolf  (5 vols: D1, D2, D3, D4, D5)
DM                 The Death of the Moth and Other Essays
E                      The Essays of Virginia Woolf (6 vols, ed. Andrew McNeillie. E1, E2, E3)   
F                      Flush
FR                   Freshwater (American Harcourt)
GR                  Granite and Rainbow: Essays
HPGN             Hyde Park Gate News  (ed. Gill Lowe)
JR                    Jacob’s Room  (Annotated Harcourt)
JRHD              Jacob’s Room: The Holograph Draft. (Ed. Edward L. Bishop )
L                      The Letters of Virginia Woolf (6 vols: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6)
LS                    The London Scene (American Random House)
LWGA             Leonard Woolf, Garden Account Book (MS at Sussex U)
M                    The Moment and Other Essays
MEL               Melymbrosia: An Early Version of The Voyage Out
MOB              Moments of Being
MT                 Monday or Tuesday (contained in CSF)
MD                 Mrs. Dalloway  (Annotated Harcourt)
ND                  Night and Day (American Harcourt)
O                     Orlando  (Annotated Harcourt)
P                      The Pargiters: The Novel-Essay Portion of The Years  (Ed. Mitchll A.                              Leaska)
PA                   A Passionate Apprentice
PH                   Virginia Woolf, Pointz Hall: The Earlier and Later Typescripts of Between the Acts
RF                   Roger Fry
TH                  The Hours: The British Museum Manuscript of Mrs. Dalloway (ed. Helen Wussow)
TG                  Three Guineas  (Annotated Harcourt)
TTL                To the Lighthouse  (Annotated Harcourt)
TW                  The Waves  (Annotated Harcourt)
TW2HD          The Waves: The Two Holograph Drafts by Virginia Woolf
TY                   The Years  (Annotated Harcourt)
VO                  The Voyage Out  (American Harcourt)
VWLS            Virginia Woolf & Lytton Strachey: Letters
WF                  Women and Fiction: The Manuscript Versions of a Room of One’s Own.                             (Ed. S.P. Rosenbaum)

Periodicals and Reference Works
CHN1-24        The Charleston Newsletter
CH                  Robin Majumdar and Allen McLaurin, eds. Virginia Woolf: The Critical                             Heritage
RN                  Brenda Silver, Virginia Woolf’s Reading Notebooks
TLS                 Times Literary Supplement
VWB               Virginia Woolf Bulletin
VWM              Virginia Woolf Miscellany
WSA               Woolf Studies Annual

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